Launching a business in Estonia is very easy for ID-card holders and e-residents!

Ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur? The good news is that in Estonia it is particularly easy. In fact, holders of an Estonian ID card or e-Residency card (and ID card holders of a number of EU member states) can establish a Private Limited Company fully online. You will need to have an answer for the following questions: What will be the company’s business name? You could consult the e-Business Register to see if the name you have chosen is available. What will your initial area of activity be? Please search system for EMTAK fields of activities. Who are the shareholders? How large are the partner’s share capital contributions? Total share capital must be at least 2500 EUR for a Priv

Some important aspects of labour laws in Estonia

Here are some of the basics of an employment contract/rules under Estonian law (the main legal act being Employment contract act). An employment contract has to be in a written format. If the written format is not followed, it does not make the contract null and void. If a person starts doing work for which remuneration is considered normal, then an employment contract is deemed to have been concluded even if it is not in written. Needless to say, you should always demand a written contract. An employee can always demand information about his or her working conditions (for example a written contract) and the employer has an obligation to answer. Also important, an employment contract cannot

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