Changes to the Commercial Code - a new obligation for every legal entity registered in Estonia

The legal landscape of doing business in Estonia will get a new chapter from the 1st of September from which date it is possible and an obligation to declare the beneficiaries of a company (as well as foundations and non-profit organizations with a few exceptions). While assessing and determining the beneficiaries is easy in most cases, it could be nearly impossible in others. The information will also become publically available in the Commercial Registry. The beneficiaries are determined as follows. In case of companies, a beneficial owner is deemed to be the natural person who ultimately owns or controls the legal person through direct or indirect ownership of a sufficient percentage o

Company registration/formation in Estonia (and how to start running it)

Company registration/formation (most commonly in the form of "osauhing") in Estonia is straightforward and with a digital ID can be done 100% online. However, in practice there are a few important things you need to consider before creating a company and also things to think about to be able to run the company smoothly afterwards. Please bear in mind that liquidating a company is far from as easy as creating it so you might want take a few moments to be sure that an Estonian company is exactly for you. So besides the actual business idea, concentrate on the following: 1. How many people will be involved in the ownership/management of the company? If it is more than one, you need to think abo

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