Cryptocurrency and ICO - regulation and legislation in Estonia

Not long ago Estonia was considered the best place for carrying out ICO-s and engaging in other crypto activities. Cryptocurrency boom seems to have softened a little as the sector in general has seen massive sell-offs but it would be short-sighted to say “crypto is dead” yet. So what does the Estonian legislation and regulation say about cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs. As the supervising body, the Estonian Financial Inspection has published guidelines to navigate through the rather complex situation that lack precise rules in the law. Regarding initial coin offerings or ICOs, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the guidelines found here: So ever

Buying a second hand car in Estonia requires caution

The second hand or used car market in Estonia has plenty of dishonest sellers who are happy to sell you junk. The good news is that our Law of Obligations Act (available in English here among other Estonian laws: ) provides protection especially in cases of consumer sales contracts (simply put - a private person buying from a car dealership and not from another private person) and consumer rights are also enforced by Estonian Consumer Board. It is still absolutely vital to be careful when buying a second hand as these legal remedies can be costly and time consuming to pursue. As part of consumer protection the Consumer Board has published some tips to follow b

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