Should you buy a ready made crypto company in Estonia?

As a disclaimer, this is not meant to give advice on any particular deal but merely to point out some of the aspects that seem to be missing in all the "marketing" of the "ready made crypto companies with licenses". We see these kind of companies being offered for as much as 19 000 euros. It is worth considering buying such a company instead of creating one yourself? PS! This article does not take into account the situation when you are actually buying a working company with existing business with cash flow etc. Costs If you buy a company, you would "save" on the state fee (145 or 190 euros) which hardly justifies paying thousands for a ready made company. There are probably additional costs

No halving of the immigration quota

It seems like the plans for halving the immigration quota for the year 2020 have been dropped and everything will pursue as per usual, almost. This means immigration to Estonia will remain difficult for many (we will dedicate one of the next articles on the policy and requirements regarding immigration outside of the quota). There is a new regulation though that influences the quota to a certain extent, namely certain professions will have their own sub-quotas or guaranteed quotas. 28 places will go to people working for artistic establishments as creative workers - theatres, operas for example. 18 places will go to working as a professional sportsman, coach or sports worker. 10 places are a

Immigration quota for 2020 set at 1314

The Government of Estonia set the immigration quota for 2020 at 1314 which is similar to last years and immigration to Estonia will remain a tough challenge. There has been talk about splitting the quota into 2 parts over the course of the year which would aim at making the application less of a "lottery" but so far this plan has not been put to law yet.

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