Guidelines on renting an apartment in Estonia

We have created a Guideline document on the important aspects of rental agreements in Estonia. The information is based on the laws of Estonia and the practical experience gained through our legal practice. They focus mainly on the rights and obligations of the tenants. We hope it is relevant to current tenants and people looking to rent a place in the future in Estonia. Although it is impossible to take into account every situation in the ever changing life, we have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible (yet as compact as possible) so you would have easy access to information that most expats need. We have divided the guidelines into 2 main parts that cover the period period before

Contact person and address service for your Estonian company - 75 euros per year

To support creativity and entrepreneurship, we would like to help your Estonian company by offering contact person and address service for 75 euros per year (if you change from an existing service provider, state fee will be added) and the offer will be valid until the end of August. If you wish to incorporate with our help as well then the whole package will be 350 euros (state fee included). Should you need help with accounting, we have partners to fit your needs.

Right of residence for EU citizen family members

We have covered multiple topics related to residence permits and everything around that. We have not touched upon the residence rights of EU Member States' citizens as for them, migrating to Estonia is fairly straightforward. What about the family members (spouses, children, dependants) of them? Family members of EU citizens who are third country nationals can get a right of residence in Estonia under certain circumstances. It is possible if the EU citizen is either: 1. Working in Estonia or is a sole-entrepreneur (in Estonian FIE); 2. Who has the necessary financial means to support himself or herself and also the family members, also has health insurance; 3. Who is studying in Estonia, has

Digital Nomad visa regulation comes into force

From today, people can apply for the digital nomad visa that Estonia is offering and that should benefit the IT and digital sector people of the world. Estonia estimates that the maximum of 1800 visas could be issued yearly. It remains to be seen and if we look at the regulation then it is difficult to see reasons for major excitement or who shall actually benefit from this. One clearer group could be the e-resident community. So what is this visa? It can be a long-term visa (up to one year, D-type) or short-term (C-type) and the usual visa rules apply, meaning: 1.. You need to fill an application; 2. Pay the state fee; 3. Have medical insurance; 4. Have sufficient means to support yourself;

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