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The importance of knowing your rental contract

Signing a rental contract (in Estonian “üürileping”) is something that probably every expat has done. No one usually expects there to be any trouble but there are many reasons why you should dedicate time to understand the contract or find someone to help do that. Especially when the lease is not written in your language. Of course, the law protects tenants but you can be sure that the agreements presented to you by the landlords are always in favour of them. So what to check? Here are some of the things.

  • What are the conditions of releasing your deposit after the termination of the agreement? This is important as in cases of unclear regulation or regulation in favour of the landlord it could take months.

  • What are you actually paying for? Landlords want you to pay for everything. But, as a part of the utilities list (in Estonian “kommunaalkulud”) there could be some costs that the tenants are not actually required to pay. We will dedicate a separate note on this issue.

  • It is important to know that having pets living with you would require a clear provision in the contract to avoid any misunderstandings. The same goes for having roommates or sub-leasing your apartment/room.

  • It is usually not considered normal “wear and tear” to drill holes in the walls for hanging Pictures etc.

  • Know you landlord. Like the landlord wants to know their tenant, you should want to know your landlord.

  • Always take pictures of the place before/during the handover of the apartment. This is the best way for both of you to fix important aspects of the state of the apartment and avoid conflict/misunderstanding at the time you move out

Contact Us if we can help you with any of the issues regarding you lease agreement.

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