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Estonia transposes the directive on the movement of researchers and students of third countries with

The recent amendments to the Aliens Act simplify the movement of researchers and students from non-EU countries. Immigration to Estonia will get easier for some. So what is new in the immigration policy?

The researchers and students from non-EU (i.e India or Pakistan) can move freely within the EU without having to obtain a new residence permit from each country they travel to.

The changes also allow students, researchers and professors to stay in Estonia for 270 days after the expiry of the residence permit to work or start their own business.

Additionally, there are changes regarding au pair workers from non-EU countries. An alien who wants to come and study Estonian or Estonian culture, can apply for short-term working right for up to 9 months or apply for a temporary residence permit for up to 1 year to work as au pair. Working cannot exceed 25 hours per week and one day in a week has to be free.

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