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Business license for providing trust and company services

Expat Legal Estonia has acquired (license nr FIU000285) a license to provide trust and company services in Estonia that include the popular contact person and address service or in other words virtual office service.

We are offering the virtual office service for the price of 100 euros per year. This includes free 15 minute consultation on corporate issues regarding your business as well as 10% off from any other legal consultation you may require. In addition we will of course forward you mail and send a newsletter on important developments in the Estonian legal landscape.

Expat Legal Estonia focuses on providing business and corporate consultation for everyone doing business in Estonia or wanting to set up business in Estonia. We can provide consultation on the necessary permits and licenses, i.e licenses for payment institutions, cryptocurrency licenses from the FIU or setting up any kind of other business. We can also help set up your accounting.

Our other main focus is immigration and consultation on all related matters whether it is residence permits, visas, citizenship etc.

We also continue to advise on all other major areas of Estonian law such as contract law, labour/employment law, litigation and so on.

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