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Should you buy a ready made crypto company in Estonia?

As a disclaimer, this is not meant to give advice on any particular deal but merely to point out some of the aspects that seem to be missing in all the "marketing" of the "ready made crypto companies with licenses". We see these kind of companies being offered for as much as 19 000 euros. It is worth considering buying such a company instead of creating one yourself? PS! This article does not take into account the situation when you are actually buying a working company with existing business with cash flow etc.


If you buy a company, you would "save" on the state fee (145 or 190 euros) which hardly justifies paying thousands for a ready made company. There are probably additional costs involved when visiting the notary in Estonia or sending a power of attorney.

But will you save on the state fee that is paid when applying for the so-called crypto licenses in Estonia? You will indeed save 345 euros which is currently the state fee when both licenses are applied for together.

These companies usually have the "share capital paid in" which means you do not have to have 2500 euros ready for the share capital payment. Of course share capital is not something that necessarily needs to be paid in immediately and also if you do pay it in, you can still use it.


When applying for licenses, the people involved - owners and board members - need to present the documents that show a lack of criminal record from the country of origin. That is one of the prerequisites for obtaining the licenses and could be one of the most time consuming tasks. What is not mentioned by the sellers is that the new buyer has the same obligation and as the conditions of the licenses change, the new persons involved have to send the same documents. If not done so then there is a risk of a fine and also losing the licenses.

The other documents involved such as the KYC and AML procedures, if already in place, can be continued to be used so in this aspect buying a company gives some benefits.


Buying a company is not necessarily a faster route than creating a new one. True, licensing procedure can take up to a month (in practice a few weeks) but for example holding e-residency makes incorporation of a company much faster than organizing a purchasing of a company at a notary.

All these aspects should be taken into consideration before paying quite a lot of money for a ready-made crypto company. Wishing you the courage to see through all the marketing!

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