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Is immigration to Estonia possible?

Now that the immigration quota for 2020 is closed, is there any chance to apply for a residence permit before the next quota opens? Although the immigration policy of Estonia is strict, there are options which do not go under the immigration quota. Let us look at them and maybe there are ways with which our immigration layers can help.

1. Citizens of Japan and USA

That is right, immigration for Americans and Japanese to Estonia is easier.

2. Start-up business or start-up employment

Estonia is implementing a start-up programme under which if your business idea is approved by a special committee, you and your business partners can apply for a residence permit with the purpose of developing the business idea in Estonia. Employees for this business can also be hired outside of the quota which provides further support. Startup life in Estonia is quite vibrant.

All information can be accessed here:

3. Employment in the IT-sector

Information technology sector does not go under the quota either. In addition to searching employment from various resources like and , you can also start your own business (easy to do with our e-residency programme) and employ yourself.

4. Studying

Yes, studying is quota free as well. You are also allowed to work with a residence permit for studying as long as you follow the necessary educational programme.

5. Others

You also can settle with your spouse or a parent, also with your child under certain conditions. If you already have a residence permit and apply for a new one, you also need not worry about the quota. There are also a few other options but they are very specific and less practical for overall background information.

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