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About immigration to Estonia, again

Last time we wrote about the possibilities of immigration and applying for a temporary residence permit in Estonia that are not affected by the immigration quota. But it is worthwhile also to understand how planning ahead can put you into a good position for the next application period - provided that the laws do not change.

If you are a freelancer or provide services to others you can do it via a company established in Estonia. You would need to set up a bank account, make service contracts with your clients and also ask for the Estonian Unemployment Fund approval to hire yourself as an employee to your company. If your business enable you to pay yourself the Estonian average salary then you have a very good chance to apply for a residence permit based on employment.

If you currently do not have a residence permit, having e-residency means that applying can be done online as you have already given your fingerprints. This can be a big advantage.

If you are currently holding a residence permit, say based on studying and wish to stay here longer then the above-mentioned option is also for you. Being already a residence permit holder would mean you do not fall under the quota and applying for a new residence permit is possible at all times.

One option is also to pursue the business as described above but apply based on being a board member of your company. In this case no Unemployment Fund approval is needed but your company has to be at least 5 months old and have real business (meaning invoices, cash flow etc). Also the salary requirement of the average salary applies.

So there are options for people with serious interest and who are willing to also take a longer view on the process.

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