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Location independent lawyers with a virtual office?

It is a time ripe for creative and strategic thinking. Many can experiment with home offices, many dream of travelling again. Hopefully many have come up with creative ideas about the future - new businesses, more sustainable ways of life and also ways to get rid of unnecessary activities that we all have in our lives. It is also our hope that Estonia as a country sees the current situation as an opportunity to become a role model, attract more talent and inspire sustainable and effective innovation. We shall see as there are definitely nationalist forces moving against it and driving everything towards protectionism.

It is our hope that there are more and more people itching to get their hands on Estonian e-residency. It would also be awesome to see it being used for more and more different business areas - and why not legal services?

A law office is normally associated with a fancy office and people in suits - does it have to be? We live in a time when meetings can be done online, most work is done via e-mail and phones can be used for calls. Sure, some things in the legal profession require physical presence, such as court hearings (although even court cases can be settled in written proceedings nowadays). During these times many will notice unnecessary costs related to "appearances" - maybe that money can be saved and used for travelling later? Maybe there is fear that if you are a lawyer without an office you are not taken seriously? Current times will surely prove otherwise.

So if you are a consultant in a specific niche area (why not GDPR?) that has an international reach or a local lawyer who's work can mostly be done online - why not try to become office-free? And take advantage of Estonian e-residency if you wish to travel and live a location independent life. The time is right to start making preparations.

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