The right of EU citizens to residency in Estonia

EU citizens have a right to travel to Estonia without any restrictions but after 3 months, they have an obligation to register their residence. This can be done in a number of ways with your local municipality and more information is available here:

The right of temporary residence is granted for a period of five years. For applying for the document (ID-card) which certifies the right of temporary residence, please turn to the nearest Police Station ( within the period of one month from the registration of your place of residence. The ID-card gives access to all the digital services of Estonia. The right of residency would have also given the right to enter Estonia during the restriction period of the ongoing pandemic.

The right of temporary residence shall be extended automatically for a period of five years, if your registered place of residence is continually in Estonia.

You can register the right of permanent residence, if you have resided in Estonia on the basis of the right of temporary residence permanently for 5 successive years.

You have a right to obtain the right of permanent residence prior fulfilment of 5 years, if you are residing or have been residing in Estonia permanently on the basis of the right of temporary residence:

  • Exception 1 – for at least 3 years and you have been employed or self-employed (FIE) for at least the last twelve months and have attained the pensionable age.

  • Exception 2 - for at least last two years and have finished working as an employed or self-employed person because of permanent incapacity for work;

  • Exception 3 – you have finished working because of permanent incapacity for work caused by work injury or occupational disease;

  • Exception 4 – you have worked in Estonia as an employed or self-employed person for at least three years and you are currently working in another EU member state but you will return to Estonia at least once a week.

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