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Digital Nomad Visa of Estonia

This week the long-awaited digital nomad visa regulation passed the first hearing and will most likely be adopted before summer. The idea is to provide a visa for a person to come to Estonia and continue working for a current employer or work as a freelancer.

The official press release can be found here:

For the digital nomad visa, all general requirements to apply for a long-term visa apply.

Digital nomad visa is given to a person who either 1) continues working for his or her foreign employer 2) continues their business activity in a foreign company where he or she has a shareholding or 3) continues to provide services mainly for clients that operate overseas and with whom he or she has a contractual relationship (the final point could be relevant for e-residents).

Normally a long-term visa requires a confirmation letter that states the purpose of the visit. In case of the digital nomad visa, the law introduces the "invitation of a trusted broker". This means that there would be certified companies that check the eligibility of the nomad. It remains to be seen, what requirements there will be for companies to be such a trusted broker.

It also seems to that people here on a digital nomad visa can also engage in local employment as long as the short-term employment is registered.

The visa can also be granted for the spouse and children but only if they are not able to survive independently because of health reasons or disability.

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