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Guidelines on renting an apartment in Estonia

We have created a Guideline document on the important aspects of rental agreements in Estonia. The information is based on the laws of Estonia and the practical experience gained through our legal practice. They focus mainly on the rights and obligations of the tenants. We hope it is relevant to current tenants and people looking to rent a place in the future in Estonia.

Although it is impossible to take into account every situation in the ever changing life, we have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible (yet as compact as possible) so you would have easy access to information that most expats need. We have divided the guidelines into 2 main parts that cover the period period before signing the agreement & during the agreement and termination of the agreement. The aim of these is to help make better and more informed decisions and ultimately to avoid disputes and unnecessary waste of time and money.

We will update these Guidelines as soon as something changes in the laws.

You can access the Guidelines HERE.

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