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Higher state fees but still low cost services for e-residents

Many of you have already heard that Estonian state fees will rise from 2022 and among other things incorporation and corporate changes in the business registry will be affected. While doing all the things you have planned with the lower state fees in December could be a good plan, some will certainly already be relaxing and waiting for Christmas.

So how much will it cost to incorporate in Estonia? The state fee for the online registration beginning of 2022 will be 265 euros which is an increase of 75 euros. The good news is that our contact person service will remain a low 100 euros per year. If you wish our help with incorporation we will do it for 365 euros which covers the state fee and contact person service for 1 year - simple and fast. With digital signature the incorporation can be finalized within a few days.

Other services such as liquidation will also be affected. Our liquidation price will still be affordable and probably the one of the lowest out there - currently starting from 325 euros but most likely increasing to 400 euros.

Also if you have been thinking about changing contact person service providers then it would be cheaper to do it within 2021 as slightly higher state fees will apply from 2022.

Contact us at this year or next, we will be happy to help.

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