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How to set up your company easily with Estonian e-residency

After you have successfully received your e-residency card (more information here: you are probably anxious to start your new business. Here are some tips to to do it easily and cost-efficiently.

You can set up the company yourself in the company registration portal:

The state fee is 190 euros and beforehand you also need to have a licensed contact person service provider. Their costs vary but for example we provide it for 100 euros per year. If you need assistance while incorporating then our fee is 290 euros which covers the state fee and 1 year of contact person service.

In the beginning you do not need accounting and you would need one if you register for VAT or need some cross-border or other tax advice. We recommend finding a specialized accounting company and not subscribing to any bundles or packages that eventually overcharge you. If you just send a few invoices per month then you need to have an accountant once a year for the annual report. Please do not pay someone a monthly fee just to collect your invoices!

And there you have it.

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