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Immigration law amendments come into effect

Some new developments that we already touched upon here came into force as a law this week. Some changes will come into effect from the new year.

  1. The minimum salary criteria for top specialists has now changed and Estonian employers should pay the employee at least 1,5 times the Estonian average gross monthly salary. Before it used to be times 2 the average salary. This means more people will be able to apply for a residence permit at all times and not worry about fitting into the immigration quota.

  2. On the negative side, students holding residence permit cannot have their family members apply for a residence permit as easily before but they now have a mandatory time they need to stay in Estonia before that can happen. Exceptions for PhD students;

  3. Also, holding the temporary residence permit for studies no longer contributes to obtaining a temporary residence permit for settling permanently in Estonia. Again, exceptions for PhD students.


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