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Important information for student TRP holders in Estonia

There have been some changes regarding foreign student residence permit regulations this year that maybe have not been clearly communicated in public.

  1. From this year, the time spend in Estonia on a student TRP does not count towards obtaining the residence permit for settling permanently. Normally you would need to live in Estonia at least 3 years within a 5 year period to be eligible for a residence permit for settling permanently. The exception here is that the time period spent in doctorate studies will count once the doctorate studies are finished.

  2. If a student stops the studies (goes on academic leave) or does not fulfil the study programme the residence permit will be automatically revoked in 30 days. This is quite a drastic measure and probably a surprise for many. If you want to go on academic leave then an extension of the residence permit is still possible but would have to be applied for well in advance.

  3. Finally, a residence permit for settling with a spouse shall not be granted if the inviting party has a residence permit based on studies and has been in Estonia for less than 2 years. This amendments was already made last year but also significantly reduces the right of students.

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