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Rules for foreigners working in Estonia could be relaxed

It has been a while since any meaningful positive changes have happened in the immigration laws of Estonia. It seems it is about to change.

The exact timing and exact changes are not yet known but here is what is being discussed:

1. Currently, the rules only allow workers being paid twice the average Estonian salary can be given a residence permit as a top specialist - approximately €3,000. This salary requirement could be lowered.

2. The second proposal is to make it easier for short-term workers to apply for longer-term residency permits. Currently, permits only last for a year but workers can then return three months later.

The proposal would allow a worker to apply for a two-year residency permit after their 12-month visa expires.

3. Changes are also planned for Estonia's Startup hiring policy. The current rules state a company stops being a startup after a decade, so companies cannot hire within this framework after 10 years. This requirement could be abolished.

Hopefully these will not be the only changes. If hiring of foreign workforce is to be made easier then more should be done in the legal framework.

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