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Share sale/transfer of Estonian e-residency company

Hopefully many e-residents will be successful with their companies and many will come to the challenge of adding new shareholders. This can be done by increasing the sharecapital or splitting and selling some of the existing sharecapital. We will cover the latter in the following paragraphs.

As the general rule, selling of shares is a notarized transaction and in the "old days" could be done online by visiting the notary office. To do that remotely, the seller and buyer should send notarized and apostilled powers of attorney to someone in Estonia and the principal will then go to the notary to do the transaction. From last year the notaries also offer the e-notary service where all parties who have a digital id (such as the e-residency card) can participate in the transaction via video.

As a third option, in some cases the notary is not necessary at all.

The notarial requirement has been abolished for companies with a share capital of at least 10 000 euros that has also been paid in - meaning there is a corresponding note also in the business registry. Also the articles of association of the company need to foresee this option. If the articles are to be amended for this option, all shareholders need to agree to it.

Overall there are many options to make shareholder changes and we can assist in every case.


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