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What is the Estonian contact person service?

There are countless service providers with countless creative service packages, all offering contact person service bundled together with other services. But what is it that your company legally requires?

According to the Estonian Commercial Code:

If the management board of a company or a body substituting therefor is located in a foreign state, the company must designate a contact person.

Contact person is: a person to whom the procedural documents of the undertaking and the declarations of intent addressed to the undertaking may be delivered in Estonia (hereinafter contact person). Upon delivery of a procedural document or declaration of intent to the contact person, the respective procedural document or declaration of intent is deemed to have been delivered also to the undertaking.

The idea is that a licensed contact person will serve as the point of contact for that company where documents can be delivered. The company address does not need to be in Estonia and there is no need to buy an address in Estonia - the Estonian contact person address is the address for Estonia. Yes, these things can be bundled together but unfortunately some service providers also sell them as separate services and claim these are both legally required.

You are also not obligated to buy any accounting services as part of the contact person service. Accounting is usually more reasonable to be procured separately according to your needs. The service is needed for presenting the annual report, helping with VAT reports (if applicable) and also doing tax reports if paying salary. A lot of the times this is not needed and no monthly accounting service is not required. You could be paying someone just to collect invoices but there is an option to do it yourself.

We encourage to take the time and think through what you need, do some research and ask questions.

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