Our mission is to create an impact and solve the legal challenges of expat life or help you start a new business in Estonia in an innovative way with a personal approach. Find out what we can do for you.  

What we do and how do we do it

We believe that with whatever question or challenge you might have, our initial advice should be for free.

We will not charge anything before we establish that we can help you - only after that you can decide whether you would like to receive further service and pay for it. If we cannot help you, we will tell you who can.


Without a charge we will analyze your question and provide you with the information about what can be done, how it can be done and in what timeframe it can be done. Sometimes that is all you need.

We believe that Pricing should be transparent. We will give you a fixed price according to our Services below and that will not change. In more complex cases and with long-term co-operation, we will agree with you separately.

So what can we help you with?

Our Estonian lawyers can help you in all main areas of Estonian law like business consultation & contract law, immigration law, employment law, family law, dispute resolution, consumer protection and administrative law. Here are some of the examples what we can do.

  • Company formation/registration and virtual address & contact person service plus banking access. Also changes in the Commercial Register. 

  • Want to make sure you know your rights before signing a rental or an employment agreement/contract?

  • Applying for residence permit or a visa? Not sure how to apply for an extension of a residence permit? We can help with all immigration issues in or to Estonia.

  • Have an insurance claim?

  • Need representation on your behalf in state/municipal bodies, i.e applying for a building permit or an activity license?

  • Need to solve a dispute? We will negotiate a deal for you.

  • What are the custody or child support rules?

  • Decided to buy real-estate?

  • Contracting but need a template contract for services?

  • Cryptocurrency exchange and virtual wallet license applications. 

Do not hesitate to Contact us for more information

Service 1


This service covers the most basic things like a simple review of a lease or an employment contract with comments regarding the contract.

Service 2


This service includes more time consuming tasks like preparing letters or claim as well as legal analysis on certain topics.

Service 3


This service includes more complex tasks which might for example include interaction with third parties or resolving disputes, i.e applying for an activity license or representing in an insurance claim dispute.

Business Service 


I Consultation


Everything you need to know about opening and managing a business tailor-made to your business idea.



               II Setup

Actual company creation with consultation and advice on practical issues after opening a business.


Contact Person and Address Service

  • Contact person and address service according to the Commercial Code

  • 15 minutes of free corporate consultation per month regarding your business

  • 10% discount on legal consultation

  • Access to important legal developments via a Newsletter from us 

  • Additional discount available for referrals.


Immigration Service 

I Consultation


Everything you need to know about visas and permits and whether you can apply for a residence right.


II Application

Helping you get everything in order for filing an application with prior consultation.




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