Our mission is to create a positive impact and be the friendly consultants for expats and e-residents of Estonia in business and immigration matters

Our services for you in Estonia

1. Our Estonian lawyers consult and help you in matters of Estonian and EU law mainly related to business and immigration. Our mission is to help you run your business in our friendly and simple legal framework and should you wish, help relocate to our beautiful country. 

2. Our Incorporation and Business Services include incorporation, contract matters (including rental and employment contracts), data protection, share sales/transfer, liquidation, contact person & address service, activity licenses and more. Our Immigration Services include setting up your business for the purpose of relocation, residence permit assistance, local knowledge & practical tips on taxes and more. 

3. Our aim is to offer fixed pricing on all work we do so you have a clear knowledge about all costs involved. Our aim is also never to leave a question unanswered .


So why not  Contact us for more information and check our Price Packages below

Incorporation Service

Includes everything to register and start your company in Estonia - registration either by e-residency, notary or power of attorney.

The price includes:

  • All fees;

  • Contact person & address service for 1 year;

  • Consultation and documentation;

  • Tips & Recommendations.

Business Service

Includes services like share sales, share split, adding shareholders, liquidation. 

The price includes:

  • All fees;

  • Consultation and documentation;

  • Notary visit.

Immigration Service

Includes everything from start to finish in the residence permit application proceedings.

The price includes:

  • Consultation and documentation;

  • Setting up of necessary appointments.

Service 1

Includes services like reviewing rental or employment contracts, pointing out potential problems and giving practical tips. Also contact person service per year.

Service 2

Includes drafting agreements, organising and shipping notarized corporate documents, presenting legal opinions.

Service 3

Includes more complex services like full GDPR review and internal document updates, reviewing real-estate purchase agreements and more.



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