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Our mission is to create a positive impact and be the friendly and affordable consultants for expats and e-residents of Estonia in business and immigration matters

More than 7 years of experience - tailored immigration and business law solutions 

​Our E-resident and Business Services include incorporation, contract matters (including shareholder agreements), data protection, share sales/transfer, liquidation, contact person & address service, activity licenses etc.


Our Immigration Services include consultation about the relocation options, residence permit and visa assistance, short-term employment registration and everything else related. We also provide accounting and tax assistance with our partners. 

We aim is to offer fixed pricing on all work we do so you have a clear knowledge about all costs involved. Our aim is also never to leave a question unanswered.

Also check out our News section for more insights in important matters.

Terms and Conditions

E-Resident Service

We want to offer our e-residents affordable and fast services with no hidden fees.

  • Incorporation - 365 euros (includes the state fee and contact person service for 1 year);

  • Non-profit - 250 euros (includes the state fee and contact person service for 1 year)

  • Contact person and address service for 1 year - 100 euros. 2 years - 190 euros. 3 years - 270 euros;

  • Liquidation - 390 euros. Company with no activity - 190 euros.


Business Service

Includes services like share sales, share capital increase, adding shareholders. Price depends on the amount of shareholders, the scope of transaction etc.  

The price includes:

  • Consultation and documentation;

  • Notary appointment.


Immigration Service

Includes everything from start to finish in the residence permit application proceedings. Price depends on the basis of the TRP (employment, business etc), number of family members and many other aspects.

The price includes:

  • Consultation and documentation;

  • Setting up of necessary appointments.

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