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How to add a foreign company as the owner of the e-residency company

For tax reasons it might be wise to have an Estonian company owned by a holding company, for example a company in your own residency country. it can be a complex procedure involving a notary ad much paperwork but there are ways around it.

Firstly a foreign company can be added as a shareholder only using a digital signature (so no notary needed) by way of sharecapital increase. In this option of course the foreign company cannot become a sole owner of the Estonian company.

The second option is available for companies with the sharecapital over 10 000 euros (we touched upon it HERE as well ). The 100% share can be sold by a physical person (having e-residency) to a foreign company - the management board member needs to have a working e-residency card to notify the business registry. If needed, the sharecapital can be also lowered again later (please check HERE ).


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