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Immigration quota, salary requirement and Unemployment Fund approval

All of these are rules in the Estonian immigration process that can be relevant in almost every process. What makes it confusing is that all of these rules have exceptions and we regularly cover them in our article.

Immigration quota

As the quota is almost full again, it worth to remind ourselves what the main exceptions are to the quota:

1. Citizens of Japan, UK and USA

2. Start-up founders or start-up employment

3. Employment in the IT-sector

4. Studying

5. Family members

6. Existing residence permit holders

7. Employment as a top specialist

8. As a major investor

9. Employment based on short-term employment registration

Salary requirement

The next hurdle to navigate is the fact that with employment the minimum salary of the applicant has to be the average gross salary of Estonia (the salary officially published for the last year so at the moment the salary for 2023). And even here there are exceptions that do not need to meet the requirement, here are some:

  1. Working for a start-up

  2. Working as a teacher

  3. Activities in the field of science

  4. Artistic work for example in theatres

  5. Posted workers

  6. If you have a bachelor, master's or a technical studies degree in Estonia.

Unemployment Fund approval

As a rule, hiring requires Unemployment Fund approval. It is a quick process and the approval needs to be presented in the TRP proceedings. Again, in quite a few cases this approval is not needed:

  1. Working as a member of the management board;

  2. Working as a top specialist;

  3. If you have a bachelor, master's or a technical studies degree in Estonia

  4. Teachers, artists, journalists

  5. Clergy

  6. Working for a start-up

  7. When extending the existing TRP.


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