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Contact person service for Estonian companies will have a fixed term

Companies registered in Estonia but which have their management in another country have the obligation to appoint a certified contact person. Before February this year the law did not clearly regulate what happens when the company and the contact person service provider stop their co-operation (classic example would be that the company stops responding, does not pay the service fee). In this case the contact person had little options to delete themselves from the registry.

From now on the service has a deadline and it would have to be extended - usually the service periods are 1 year.

By the 30th of April 2023 all companies need to update their contact person data by adding a term to the service. If this is not done the registry will first give a deadline for it and if still not updated correctly the company can be deleted within 3 months. So if you wish to continue running your company then it is important to make sure the data are updated.


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