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How to sell your Estonian company (the easy way)

There are many ways to sell a share or shares in an Estonian company and depending on the circumstances it can be quite easy or quite difficult. Involving the notary means that the process will be time-consuming and the amount of documents required can be overwhelming.

If you have a working e-residency card then it could be rather easy.

Some time ago the laws changed and allowed the companies with share capital of at least 10 000 euros to sell shares without the notary. In practice this means that the management board would just confirm to the registry that the share sale has taken place.

From February this year the share capital contribution does not have to be registered with a bank statement so you could raise the share capital by shareholder decision (requires digital signature) and state to the registry it has been paid in. After that the share or part of the share can be sold without the notary.

There are of course accounting rules and if you raise the share capital then indeed it does need to be paid in even if the registry does not require proof anymore. The share capital can of course be lowered afterwards as well.


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