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Your contact person was deleted - now what?

If a company did not add a contact person service term to the business registry by the end of April then all contact person data was deleted. A reminder that a foreign owned company should have a contact person by law.

In addition, the recent law changes also state that a company without a contact person can be liquidated in a faster procedure.

Many companies also used the contact person address as the company address and now, after the contact person data have been deleted the company still has the Estonian address. It is not 100% correct to use the address but in this case the company cannot be liquidated. Of course, the owner of that address can ask the registry for the address to be deleted as well so the risk remains.

If you have a running business and the data in the registry are not correct or the contact person data was deleted then we suggest making sure the data will be updated. There is still time before any potential fines or company deletion.


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