Is immigration to Estonia possible?

Now that the immigration quota for 2020 is closed, is there any chance to apply for a residence permit before the next quota opens? Although the immigration policy of Estonia is strict, there are options which do not go under the immigration quota. Let us look at them and maybe there are ways with which our immigration layers can help. 1. Citizens of Japan and USA That is right, immigration for Americans and Japanese to Estonia is easier. 2. Start-up business or start-up employment Estonia is implementing a start-up programme under which if your business idea is approved by a special committee, you and your business partners can apply for a residence permit with the purpose of developing the

Incorporate and manage your business in Estonia

If one of your 2020 goals is to start your own company then incorporating in Estonia might be the solution for you. Even if you are not a resident of Estonia, the e-residency programme offers many great solutions that are also inexpensive. You can find out more and apply for e-residency here: A digital e-residency card makes it easy to incorporate and manage your company online. Even if you choose other options (described below) to incorporate, you can still take advantage of a good business climate and the fact that profit is not taxed in Estonia. Some of the examples of running a company remotely include consultancy, software development, tourism, financial servi

Let's go for it in 2020!

2020 is finally here. It marks 2 years of business for us and we are excited to rock on into our 3rd year! We cannot do it without you so most importantly we wish all of you health and happiness on your journey! Last year did not bring any positive legislative changes that would make it easier and smoother to run your business or settle in Estonia and was mostly marked by stagnation in the political sphere. Nevertheless we at Expat Legal Estonia saw a gradual rise in the interest to take advantage of our simple business climate and e-services and also interest in moving physically to Estonia. We are confident that this interest will remain strong and we want to support people on those journe

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