10 commandments about your rental agreement/contract in Estonia

We have written about rental/tenancy agreements before but we still see a lot of things in agreements which are horribly confusing or even illegal and can create a lot of headache (plus financial loss). We decided to list 10 things (not in order of importance) to check and be mindful of: Do not pay cash. If you must, always sign a paper to have proof of your rental payment. Even if there is no attempt to cheat, the mind can play tricks and one or the other party may not remember the payments. Check what you pay as communals. For example, it is not the obligation of the tenant to pay for reserve fund or land tax. There cannot be a contractual penalty in favour of the landlord. This is null an

The responsibilities and liability of a home owner

A new law on Apartment Ownership and Apartment Associations (available in English: is in force from the 1st of January 2018. The law has some very practical implications for the home owners to keep in mind. Also, if you are a board member of your own apartment association, it is very important to study the new law and also consider amendments to your existing articles of association. The new law states very clearly that it is the apartment’ owner who is responsible for the normal up keeping of the apartment and also refraining from negative influence to the other owners. It is important because these obligations also

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