EU relaxes the apostille requirement on certain documents

In June 2016, the co-legislators adopted a regulation aimed at promoting the free movement of citizens by simplifying the requirements for presenting certain public documents in the European Union. It entered into force on 15 August 2016 and will apply from 16 February 2019. The new rules are designed to simplify the requirements for cross-border use and acceptance of certain public documents in the European Union. The aim is thus to promote the free movement of citizens and a well-functioning single market for EU businesses. It abolishes the apostille requirement and simplifies formalities with regard to certified copies and translations. The areas covered by the regulation are as follows

Does your business in Estonia need a license, notification of economic activity or just a company re

Doing business in Estonia can roughly be put into 3 categories - some need a special license, some need a notification of economic activity and most do not require anything other than establishing a company. The most common form is a private limited company (in Estonian "osaühing") that works in most cases. It is surprising to many that in Estonia you can for example act as a lawyer or a real-estate broker without any special license. Sure there are different ways to increase one's reliability but no governmental license is needed. The different sectors and areas that need a license or a notification are quite nicely and clearly described in Estonia's official information website: https://ww

How can we help e-residents or non-residents with business setup in Estonia

Business opportunities in Estonia are attractive and with e-residency, pursuing your business idea in an attractive business climate has become easier. The attractive business environment of Estonia is also accessible for other foreign entities or people who do not have e-residency. Expat Legal Estonia aims to be a service provider for everyone wanting to get their company started and where you can get all your answers from. We are not the typical service provider that most e-residents use but we got you covered with the following area of practice/knowledge. 1. Company in Estonia can be founded online (with an e-residency card or a residence permit card) or at a notary. For the notary visit

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