Immigration quota almost full

The Police and Border Guard have released a press release according to which applications for residence permits for the next year are already three quarters of the available quota (1315 in total). When applying after the quota has been reached, the application will be declined. The quota does not affect EU citizens or citizens of Japan and USA. Also the IT sector (i.e start-ups), highly skilled specialists, large investors or people settling with their family members. Thera are talk about splitting the quota in half so the application process could be spread out for the whole year but the quota number would not change - at least there are no public talks about it. So if you are thinking of a

The Estonian Police warn of possible cyber criminals

The notification from the Police & Border Guard: Police and Border Guard Board and Information System Authority would like to inform you about CEO frauds in Estonia. Lately we have seen an increase in cases where seemingly the CEO or CFO of the company sends and email to an accountant (or an email exchange in some other similar combination) and asks to make a payment to a foreign bank account. Usually the payment amounts are in the range of 10 000 to 100 000 euros. In these cases, criminals try to confuse the email recipient by creating an email address that visually resembles the sender’s authentic one or take advantage of weaknesses in email authentication methods. There have also been cas

Temporary residence permit based on business in Estonia

We have talked about how easy it is to open and run a business in Estonia but we also need to explain the requirements and the link between opening a company and possibly applying for a residence permit. There are 3 possibilities and each one of them had their restrictions as well as opportunities. 1. As a major investor Temporary residence permit granted to a major investor is a residence permit for conducting business, the purpose of which is to encourage investments in such business activities in Estonia, which are in public interest and shall significantly contribute to the development of the Estonian economy. Major investor is an alien who has made a direct investment of at least 1,000,

Waiting for E-residency 2.0

E-residency has been a successful project in transforming how to do business - you are not confined to your national borders anymore. The benefits of doing business via e-residency obviously do not work for everyone but we are excited to see what the next phase - e-residency 2.0 - will bring and what kind of new business opportunities will be available. Before that, it is useful to recap what we have today - what are the opportunities to open or start your business using an Estonian company. Do it online using e-residency. Apply here: Travel to Estonia and do it in a notary; Issue a power of attorney, apostille it and have your trusted person o

Companies in Estonia can operate without a bank account in Estonia

Estonia’s Parliament an amendment to the country’s Commercial Code to remove the requirement that limited companies must use an Estonian bank account when registering share capital. From January 2019, they can instead use a ‘credit or payment institution in the European Economic Area’ for this. This change means that all limited Estonian companies can conduct all their business activity using any business account for their company from across the Europe Economic Area for the first time. In addition to providing business consultations on various issues and offering a virtual office service, we can also help you register share capital and explore various banking or fintech options.

Business license for providing trust and company services

Expat Legal Estonia has acquired (license nr FIU000285) a license to provide trust and company services in Estonia that include the popular contact person and address service or in other words virtual office service. We are offering the virtual office service for the price of 100 euros per year. This includes free 15 minute consultation on corporate issues regarding your business as well as 10% off from any other legal consultation you may require. In addition we will of course forward you mail and send a newsletter on important developments in the Estonian legal landscape. Expat Legal Estonia focuses on providing business and corporate consultation for everyone doing business in Estonia or

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