Digital Nomad Visa of Estonia

This week the long-awaited digital nomad visa regulation passed the first hearing and will most likely be adopted before summer. The idea is to provide a visa for a person to come to Estonia and continue working for a current employer or work as a freelancer. The official press release can be found here: For the digital nomad visa, all general requirements to apply for a long-term visa apply. Digital nomad visa is given to a person who either 1) continues working for his or her foreign employer 2) continues their business activity in a foreign company where he or she has a shareholding or 3) continues to provide s

The right of EU citizens to residency in Estonia

EU citizens have a right to travel to Estonia without any restrictions but after 3 months, they have an obligation to register their residence. This can be done in a number of ways with your local municipality and more information is available here: The right of temporary residence is granted for a period of five years. For applying for the document (ID-card) which certifies the right of temporary residence, please turn to the nearest Police Station ( within the period of one month from the registration of your place of residence. The ID-card gives access to all the digital services of Estonia. The right of residency wou

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