Immigration rule changes regarding short-term employment

Our Parliament passed changes to immigration laws that have sparked debate and outrage in the proceedings. It would appear that the changes finally enacted are not as far reaching as previously thought and only affect certain people working on the basis of a long-term visa (so people working on the basis of a residence permit are not affected). Also on a related note, at the moment the processing of visas and residence permits has been suspended and no information about when they will continue. So the changes that will come into effect are as follows: Foreign nationals (citizens of third countries) can work in Estonia either as a seasonal worker for up to 9 months within a period of 12 month

Location independent lawyers with a virtual office?

It is a time ripe for creative and strategic thinking. Many can experiment with home offices, many dream of travelling again. Hopefully many have come up with creative ideas about the future - new businesses, more sustainable ways of life and also ways to get rid of unnecessary activities that we all have in our lives. It is also our hope that Estonia as a country sees the current situation as an opportunity to become a role model, attract more talent and inspire sustainable and effective innovation. We shall see as there are definitely nationalist forces moving against it and driving everything towards protectionism. It is our hope that there are more and more people itching to get their ha

Time to consider filing the annual report

Although the deadline for filing the annual report for 2019 is still months away, it might be smart to do it already now. For many, the current times are a bit more or a lot more quiet so it could be a perfect time to take care of the obligation or the annual report. As a reminder, the obligation to report is for everyone except when your company was started after the 30th of June 2019. In that case your first annual year could be longer than a calendar year and your reporting obligation will occur in 2021.

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