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Business visa to Estonia - the process to apply

A long-term visa to Estonia for business purposes can either be D-type (up to 1 year) or C-type (up to 3 months).

The application can be made at the Police and Border Guard station or in selected embassies around the world that can be found here:

Prior appointment should be made and processing time is 10 working days.

So what documents do you need?

Application document (can be filled online, printed out and signed);

Health insurance;


Confirmation of the payment of the state fee in the amount of 100 euros;

Confirmation letter.

The confirmation letter should outline the reasons you wish to visit Estonia - mostly the Police accept applications if you are a board member or a shareholder of an Estonian company. The reasons have to be related to business and if they can be supported by evidence then it is helpful. The reasons could be business meetings, researching the market, finding an office space, opening a bank account - of course the reasons should be real and seem real as well.

Important to note that your spouse and children can apply simultaneously to accompany you (separate application for family reasons is needed for them).


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