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Climate Act and Green Claims Directive

The Estonian Ministry of Climate is working on a draft Climate Act that would impose different obligations on companies as well as private persons.

While no actual draft is available, it is evident from the news peace that the scope would be broad. It remains to be seen how strict and concrete the new laws shall be - there will surely be a lot of push back from companies and lobby groups.

Another development in the environmental front is the news regarding the Green Claims Directive.

"The directive to empower consumers for the green transition aims at fighting against unfair commercial practices that prevent consumers to make the right choices for greener or more circular products and services. Practices like misleading ‘greenwashing’ or false claims about products that last less than expected are among the practices that this legal text aims to address".

Almost every company claims to be "green" and sustainable" these days which is obviously just marketing and business. Hopefully it will be more regulated in the future and creating real sustainability will not get lost in the overall race to sell. The new directive will also for sure create new business opportunities.


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