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Estonian immigration quota for 2023 and a new basis for applying for a residence permit

The immigration quota for 2023 will open up soon and it is time to start preparing everything if you wish to make a successful application. The Police and Border Guard (or some of our foreign embassies) would start accepting the applications for the 2023 quota already in December and also appointments for 2023 could be made for December. The quota itself will be announced later in the year but it will unlikely be much higher than the previous years so the time is of essence.

A reminder that some basis currently do not fall under the quota and can be used for applying all year round like: Working in the IT sector, startup business (approved), top specialists, students or Japanese or US nationals, also applying as a family member of a TRP holder.

If you have e-residency and have thus given your fingerprints then you do not need an appointment. The application is easier to make - you do not have to book a physical meeting. If you need a meeting with the Police and Border Guard then you need to book an appointment online. Bear in mind that also some of our embassies accept residence permit applications and take fingerprints.

Something new is also coming up (we touched upon it here as well). It is a new type of a residence permit that does not go under the quota, can be applied for up to 2 years but cannot be extended. It is available for people who have worked based on short-term employment for at least 9 months and will continue to work for the same company.

From the 1st of January 2023 the Estonian Aliens Act also introduces regulations/exceptions for the so-called growth companies that are defined as follows:

  • at least of 10 years of activity;

  • at least 50 employees in Estonia;

  • last years employment taxes paid were at least 1 million euros;

  • the cumulative growth of the taxes paid has been at least 20% over the last 3 years.

These companies could pay the salary which is 80% of the average Estonian salary and also the employees would not go under the immigration quota.

We have advised with all different ways of applying for the residence permit so we are ready to help you this year as well and also help with the new introduced possibilities of applying.

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