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Estonian immigration quota for 2024 published

Immigration quota for 2024 is set to be 1303. As for this year, it is divided between different sectors also for the next year. What is differenet is that the amount for free distribution (so not tied to any sector) is a lot higher increasing the odds for many to get a residence permit.

This means that the electronic calendars will open from the 28th of November for booking the appointments for December and a bit later for January. Estonian embassies accepting applications need to be contacted separately for appointment availability. Also, if you already have a digital id (such as e-residency) then the application can be filed online via e-mail.

Filing your application in December or latest in January gives the best odds to get into the quota. The quota fills by residence permits granted so it is quite difficult to know exactly when the quota will be full and there is no public information about it.

Certain applicants will not have to worry about the quota such as (these are not all the exceptions):

  • US, JAPAN, UK citizens;

  • IT workers;

  • Startup business + employees of startup business;

  • Major investors (min. 1 million euros);

  • Top specialists;

  • Residence permits based on short-term employment;

  • Students;

  • For settling with the spouse/parent.

Now would be absolutely the last moment to start the application process.


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