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Estonian residence permit based on short-term employment from 2023

From the 1st of January 2023 a new basis for a residence permit will come into force (link to law: ) and it will most likely be very popular.

People working with a short-term employment registration and a long-term visa will have a chance to apply for a residence permit. This would give them more security of stay and also a digital residency card that is very useful and practical in Estonia. So what are the conditions, pros and cons?

  1. It is issued for up to 2 years so not long. Also the law says it cannot be extended. The law does not exclude the possibility to apply for a new residence permit though - if a person has an existing residence permit they need not worry about the immigration quota and upon expiry could apply for a residence permit based on employment for example;

  2. There is still the salary requirement of the average monthly Estonian salary which can be high. It is published here:

  3. Prior to applying for the residence permit the employment at the same employer based on short-term employment should be at least 9 months and salaries correctly paid. So from the 1st of January quite a lot of people could apply and also their family members could apply;

  4. The employer's reputation will also be assessed according to law.

All in all this is a good opportunity to settle in Estonia more permanently and should be explored by people interested in that.

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