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How to file a TRP application without a physical meeting?

TRP applications in Estonia are now accepted for the 2023 quota but many of you probably did not get an appointment time. In some cases the application can be filed online. But when?

  1. The application and annexes (such as family member data) should be signed digitally. So if you have an e-residency card, it could be used.

  2. One of the reasons for a physical meeting is to give fingerprints. If you have given them in the e-residency proceedings then they are still valid and you do not need the physical meeting.

  3. The Police and Border Guard also require a photo not older than 6 months and a signature sample. It is possible to send a digital photo and a scan of your signature sample via email or also go to the Police and Border Guard photo booth (if in Estonia) and give them there.

  4. If you are an existing residence permit holder then your extension can also be sent online as you can use your residence permit card for a digital signature.

In conclusion, having an e-residency card is a great way to file for a residence permit online. of course, other conditions should also be met. Based on previous years experience, filing the application in December or early January could get you into the immigration quota of 2023.

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