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Short term work in Estonia

Short-term work permit in Estonia means you can register up to 365 days (12 months) within a 455 day period (15 months) (this means that after 12 months of work, 3 months must pass before a short-term work permit in Estonia can be registered again).

Short term employment needs to be registered with the Police and Border Guard by a specific application. The processing of the application is up to 15 working days. If the approval is given then the employee can apply for a long-term visa based on that.

In the proceedings the trustworthiness of the employer is assessed by the Police so you might expect quite a few questions - this will also mean the process can be longer than 15 working days.

Some of the questions/aspects they might touch:

  1. They will ask for the bank statement of the employer and check if there are no tax debts. Also to verify if they can pay the required salary;

  2. They might ask for the cv and diplomas of the employee to see if they are really qualified for the job;

  3. They could ask for a rental agreement that the employer has for using specific premises (such as a restaurant);

  4. They will ask if the employer has tried to find the employee among local population;

  5. They could ask to describe and explain the daily business of the employer;

  6. They could ask about language proficiency and what languages are used in conducting daily business.


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