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What is a scale-up company?

Estonian immigration laws recently introduced a new term - scale-up company (in Estonian "kasvuettevõte"). The aim is to make hiring of foreign talent easier for these companies.

The criteria to qualify as a scale-up are quite significant:

1) the company has been in business for at least 10 years;

 2) has at least 50 employees in Estonia;

 3) has paid at least 1 million Euros of salary taxes in the past year in Estonia;

 4) the cumulative growth of salary taxes in the past 3 years has been at least 20%.

The assessment of these criteria has been given as a task to Startup Estonia:

Working for a scale-up is a path to obtain a long-term visa or a residence permit to Estonia and as a beneficial exception from the general rule, the salary obligation is 80% of the statistical average salary.

There is a list of already approved scale-ups which is the following:

  • Bolt Technology OÜ

  • Fleet Complete Eesti OÜ

  • Erply Software OÜ

  • Estateguru OÜ

  • Linn Systems OÜ

  • Milrem AS

  • Pipedrive OÜ

  • Playtech Estonia OÜ

  • Scoro Software OÜ

  • Skeleton Technologies Group OÜ

  • Microsoft Development Center Estonia OÜ

  • Perforce Software AS

  • Testilo OÜ

  • Threod Systems OÜ

  • Wise Payments Limited Estonian branch


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